Meet our Head Chef, Shani, and her incredible team!

Shani Kleynhans, the Head Chef at Tables at Nitida, is undoubtedly an admirable figure at Nitida. Originally hailing from Jeffreys Bay, Eastern Cape, Shani has been a pivotal part of Tables since March 2012, bringing with her a deep-rooted passion for the culinary arts and hospitality industry that has been evident since her youth.

 Shani’s journey in the culinary world began with her formal training as a chef, where she completed an intensive six-month in-house training program at 3 Fat Fish Restaurant / The Mills Academy in Jeffreys Bay back in 2010. Under the guidance of Chef Brent Mills and his wife, Emmy-Lou Mills, Shani honed her skills and developed a strong foundation in the culinary arts.

Described as down-to-earth, determined, and committed, Shani embodies resilience and dedication in her craft.

Shani’s creative flair shines through in the dishes crafted at Tables, where she and her team strive to express their identity through every plate. Their approach is characterized by a sense of fun, playfulness, and a penchant for unique flavor combinations that leave a lasting impression on diners, enticing them to return for more.

“In summary, Shani Kleynhans stands out as a remarkable leader in the culinary realm, embodying not only culinary expertise but also qualities of kindness, resilience, and a genuine love for her craft.”


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