A whimsical composition of white peaches, passion fruit, and blackcurrant intertwine with orange, apricot, and granadilla, adding to your ever-growing curiosity to discover the hidden layers of its full mouthfeel. Divine when paired with classic, creamy Cordon Bleu.


The 2021 Sauvignon blanc vintage will be known as the curveball vintage. Traditionally we will keep a very close eye on flavours in the vineyard to determine harvest dates. In 2021 however phenolic ripeness came a bit later, to the point where we had to keep a much closer eye on the chemical analysis as well on the flavours in the vineyard to determine harvest dates.

Around 85% of the grapes for this wine is sourced from Nitida farm itself, with the balance coming from the neighbouring farms to bring more complexity to this example of Durbanville terroir. The grapes were harvested in 22 different pickings over a time span of 6 weeks. This gives us a variety of building blocks to create a complex Sauvignon blanc that reflects the riper tropical fruit flavours of the 2021 harvest, with green undertones that is traditional from the Durbanville terroir.


Cultivar: 93.6% Sauvignon Blanc
Alcohol: 14.38%
Sugar: 2.0g/l
Acid: 6.0 g/l
pH: 3.50