Earthy, herbaceous, and filled with personality.
Cape Jasmine, dried apricot and honeysuckle linger
as you lazy away in front of a cozy fireplace.
Enjoy with good company and a hearty dish of Cassia’s
Moroccan spiced springbok shank


Riesling’s aromatic subtlety, racy acidity and gracious aging potential, makes this a stand-out varietal that truly reflects the Nitida terroir. After experiencing three of the driest winters back to back followed by a cool dry 2019 summer and the vineyards responded with smaller, more concentrated berries. With careful canopy management we managed to keep a natural fresh acidity in the grapes.

We harvested the Riesling on the 26th of March at a near perfect analysis of 24,4 Balling, 3.13 pH and total acidity of 8.2 g/L. The juice were left on the skins for 6 hours before a gentle pressing to extract as much of the flavour compounds without losing any of the freshness.

The wine was fermented for two months at 12°C and stopped naturally at a residual sugar of 12.9 g/L. The wine was left on the lees for 4 months before racking it off the lees and a light filtration before bottling.


Cultivar: 100% Riesling
Soil Type: Hutton
Alcohol: 13.5
Sugar: 9.3 g/l
Acid: 7.3
pH: 3.05