Notes of mulberry elude you as the first sip reveals the sweet taste of strawberries. The red berry flavours gradually evolve into a dark, rich plum with hints of spearmint making a subtle appearance. The fine velvety tannins envelop your palate, leaving you with a lingering aftertaste that sparks romantic flavours of dark chocolate and vanilla essence. Longs to be paired with an Ostrich steak and roasted wild mushrooms on the side.


Great wine is made in the vineyard and this is even more true if the grape is grown on the right soils in the right area. For the red cultivars, Merlot is probably the most suitable for our terroir at Nitida. The canopy of the Merlot is completely opened right after flowering to let in as much sunlight into the canopy as possible.

Closer to harvest time the grapes are tasted on a daily basis to decide when the optimal harvest date will be. The grapes are hand selected in the vineyard to make sure only the best quality grapes make their way to the cellar. Fermentation takes place in open fermenters with punch downs every 4 hours ensuring optimal colour, tannin and flavour extraction. Post – fermentation maceration on the skins take place for up to 6 weeks after fermentation. The wine is then matured in 100% French oak (20% new oak)for 13 months followed by a light filtration prior to bottling.