Riesling 2016

An indulgent affair, as heady honeysuckle rendezvous with dripping fresh fig and seductive gooseberries. Jasmine, aniseed spice and fresh coriander add a tad of sweetness to this intense tryst. Finally, a lusty dollop of marmalade adds extra intrigue. Made for an enduring relationship with Kashmiri Lamb.

Winemaker Comments

Riesling's aromatic subtlety, racy acidity and gracious aging potential, makes this a stand-out varietal that truly reflect the Nitida terroir.

After the 2015/2016 ripening seasons being one of the driest on record, we probably experienced one of our earliest harvests to date. The dry ripening period resulted in smaller, more concentrated berries and by canopy management we managed to still keep a fresh natural acidity. We harvested the Riesling on the 4th of March at a near perfect analysis of 26.7 Balling, 3.13 pH and total acidity of 8.2g/L. The juice were left on the skins for 6 hours before a gentle pressing to extract as much of the flavour compounds without losing any of the freshness.

The wine was fermented very slowly at 12˚ C and stopped naturally at a residual sugar of 8.4 g/L. The wine was left on the lees for 4 months before racking it off the lees and a light filtration before bottling.


Cultivar: 100% Riesling 
Vine: 6-8 tons/ha 
Wood: none
Alcohol: 13.5%
Sugar: 8.4g/l
Acid: 7.6g/l
pH: 3.05

Tasting Notes